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Cancer Anorexia Market | Cancer Anorexia Pipeline
Limited Therapeutics Options and A Weak Pipeline: What Lies Ahead in the Cancer Anorexia Market?

Eating food is the most regular habit a person divulges into without realizing its importance. Consumption of food, although linked with gaining necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals, holds much more weight than that. Either to celebrate or to cheer up someone going through bad situations, treating them with f...

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pharma happenings for BMS Sanofi GW Pharmaceuticals Kiadis
Bristol Myers’ psoriasis drug; GW Pharmaceuticals eyes US market for Nabiximols; Karyopharm’s Xpovio; Kiadis USD 358M Buyout

Bristol Myers' Experimental Psoriasis drug succeeds in late-stage study defeats rival Amgen's Otezla Bristol Myers' experimental psoriasis drug, deucravacitinib has outmarched Amgen's Otezla (apremilast) in the POETYK PSO-1 Phase III clinical trial in patients with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. Deucravaci...

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Medical Marijuana Market | Medical Cannabis Market
Medical Marijuana: Is it a blessing in disguise or a curse for humanity?

The influx of companies, the launch of pipeline therapies, and the legalization of marijuana/ cannabis are the major drivers of the medical marijuana market. Cannabis, popularly known as Marijuana, is the most commonly used illicit drug after alcohol. More than 150 Million people regularly smoke marijuana. Appr...

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Can Alzheimer’s be cured with Marijuana?

Alzheimer's is a progressive brain disorder that results in the degeneration of brain cells. It affects the thinking, reasoning, memory, and problem-solving skills of the person. Apart from cognitive function, it also influences mood, personality, behavior, and social skills. In the advanced stages, the patients ar...

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Marijuana as a treatment approach

Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica is commonly known as Medical marijuana or cannabis (cannabinoids) are prescribed by physicians to their patients, to treat diseases, conditions or to relieve pain or symptoms. As per the National Institute of Health, Marijuana or cannabis is used for the treatment of ailments for ...

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What can be the scope of Medical Marijuana?

What exactly is Marijuana? In a layman language, Marijuana is the dried buds and leaves of a plant Cannabis sativa favored in warm, wild tropical climates. Earning names like pot, ganja, weed, hemp, hash, etc. it contains around 104 active cannabinoids (CBD). What they do is, they mimic the signal producing che...

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