Egg allergy

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Top 10 Most Common Food Allergies
What are the Top 9 Most Common Food Allergies and How Pharma Companies are Tackling the Crisis?

Food Allergies is a major concern for a wide spectrum of populations globally. According to the World Allergy Organization, “food allergy affected approximately 2.5% of the general population, but the spread of prevalence data was wide, ranging from 1% to 10%.” According to the Centers for Disease Control and Preve...

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Egg Allergy Market
Egg Allergy Market: Second most common food allergy but no approved therapy

Hen’s egg allergy is the second most common type of allergy after cow’s milk. In infants and young children, Egg poses as one of the most vital allergens degrading the quality of life.  As per estimates, as many as 2 per cents of children are allergic to eggs. However, around 70% of these children are fortunate ...

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