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Monteris Smallest Brain Laser Probe Launch; Vesica Health’s AssureMDx Test Launch; Anaut’s Eureka α Japanese Regulatory Approval; Geneoscopy’s Labcorp-Partnered Colon Cancer Test FDA Approval; Novel Omeza® OCM™ Diabetic Foot Ulcers Results; LEO Pharma Phase III Plaque Psoriasis Trial Results

Monteris Launched Smallest Brain Laser Probe on the Market On May 01, 2024, Monteris Medical launched the NeuroBlate® NB3™ FullFire® 1.6mm laser probe, the company’s latest product line innovation for use with their market-leading NeuroBlate System. The NB3 laser probe, which integrates Monteris' patented coo...

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MedTech News for Mindray, DuPont, Praxis
Mindray Collaborated with Edwards Lifesciences; DuPont’s Low-Cyclics Silicone Soft Skin Adhesive; GE HealthCare’s Allia IGS Pulse; Praxis Medical’s EndoCore EBUS-TBNA Biopsy Device; Visioneering’s PROTECT Clinical Trial; SynerFuse’s e-TLIF procedure

DuPont Launched Higher-Adhesion and Low-Cyclics Silicone Soft Skin Adhesive On October 17, 2023, DuPont, a globally recognized leader in technology for a broad range of innovations in medical devices, biopharmaceutical processing, and pharmaceutical solutions launched Liveo™ MG 7-9960 Soft Skin Adhesive.  ...

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MedTech News for Viseon, ZimVie, Acorai
4WEB Medical’s Cervical Spine Plating Solution; Viseon Launched Visualization System for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery; ZimVie’s New Mobi-C Implant; GE HealthCare’s Wireless Monitoring Solution; Acorai’s Non-Invasive Intracardiac Pressure Monitor; CytoSorbents’s STAR-T Pivotal Trial

4WEB Medical Launched its Cervical Spine Plating Solution  On August 15, 2023, 4WEB Medical, an orthopedic implant company focused on developing innovative implants that utilize its proprietary Truss Implant Technology™, launched the newest addition to the company's implant portfolio, the Cervical Spine Pla...

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MedTech News for ResMed, Stryker, OncoBeta
ResMed Acquired Somnoware; Stryker Launched Q Guidance System; AlloSource’s AceConnex Pre-Sutured Fascia; Urotronic’s Optilume BPH Catheter System; Verve Medical’s Pivotal Trial of RPD Renal Pelvic Denervation System; OncoBeta Provided Update on Rhenium-SCT

ResMed Acquired Somnoware, a Leader in Digital Sleep and Respiratory Care Diagnostics Software On July 05, 2023, ResMed acquired privately held Somnoware, a US leader in sleep and respiratory care diagnostics software.  The Somnoware software streamlines the processes of physicians as well as sleep and p...

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MedTech News and Insights for Check-Cap, Curebase, Brainlab, and GE
Check-Cap’s Pivotal Trial for C-Scan; Curebase and Flow Neuroscience’s tDCS Device; Brainlab Acquires Majority Share in medPhoton; GE Healthcare to Invest in Pulsenmore; Medtronic’s Drug-Eluting Coronary Stent System; Remedee’ Endorphin Stimulation Solution;

Check-Cap Initiated the US Pivotal Trial for C-Scan® On May 11, 2022, Check-Cap Ltd., a clinical-stage diagnostic company initiated the US pivotal trial for C-Scan® at Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota. C-Scan is the first and only patient-friendly, preparation-free screening test to detect polyps before they m...

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