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Personalized Medicine
Merck got attack; Stada’s €5.32B; Private equity fund buys; Lonza on $5.5B deal

Merck targeted in global ransomware attack Merck & Co. was among those affected by a massive ransomware attack Tuesday that infiltrated the computer systems of companies around the world as well as government ministries in Ukraine. Merck confirmed in Twitter posts Tuesday that it was hit in the cyberattack but d...

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Clinigen and Eisai team up; Sanofi, Lonza enter; Fidia to acquire; J&J completes acquisition

Clinigen and Eisai partner to offer Halaven for metastatic breast cancer in South Africa Eisai has partnered with Clinigen Group to distribute Halaven (eribulin) in South Africa for the treatment of women with metastatic breast cancer. Discovered and developed by Eisai, Eribulin is a synthetic variant of microtubule...

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Antibody-Drug Conjugate and Big Pharmaceutical Companies

Antibody Drug Conjugate and Big Pharmaceutical Companies Boom Antibody-drug conjugates is gaining popularity in the Biopharmaceutical industries. As Initial trials with these targeted treatments show success, more companies are looking to produce these drugs. Although antibody-drug conjugates show promise in the d...

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