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Pharma News
FDA permits COVID-19 treatment, Roche’s antibiotics pact, Moderna’s vaccine, FDA permits Remdesivir, ReCode needs USD 80 Million

FDA permits COVID-19 treatments with blood from survivors The FDA revealed the convalescent plasma use that is derived from the donated blood of people that have recovered from COVID-19 and that might have beneficial antibodies. It is being used as an investigational treatment for patients with severe cases of t...

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Coronavirus (COVID- 19)
The epidemic now has a name: COVID-19

Amid the breakout in Wuhan, China, the novel coronavirus has managed to invade the other countries across the globe. Till now, almost 25 countries including several Asian, northern American, Australia and European countries, have reported confirmed cases of coronavirus. With the infected cases totalling to 4...

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Wuhan Coronavirus: A global emergency

An outbreak of a mysterious viral infection, 2019-nCoV – coronavirus, has set the whole world on toes, claiming the lives of more than 800 people in China, surpassing the death toll caused from SARS, reports the Chinese government.  An infection with the symptoms more or less like pneumonia, known by the name ...

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