Skin disorders

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Amgen a leader in Undruggable Lung Cancer; Verrica’s Skin Disease Drug Delays; Fennec’s Faith in its Chemotherapy-Induced Hearing Loss Drug; Nexturn Bio’s Acquisition of RosVivo

FDA Validates Use of Amgen’s KRAS Inhibitor in Lung Cancer  In a pathbreaking move, Amgen has gone ahead to emerge as a trailblazer in the undruggable lung cancer space with the approval of its KRAS inhibitor, Lumakras. For eons, the researchers grappled to come up with an effective and potential drug to ta...

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DelveInsight’s Dermatology based Gene Therapy Reports

Gene Therapy: The “Key” to Dermatological disorders! About Dermatological disorders Dermatological disorders comprises of diseases of the skin, scalp, hair, and nails. Apart from being the largest organ in the body, the skin has a vital social function and relatively minor skin complaints often cause more anguish ...

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