Ginkgo announces to buy Warp Drive Bio’s genome mining platform

Ginkgo Bioworks has announced to acquire the genome mining platform from Warp Drive Bio, a subsidiary of REVOLUTION Medicines.  The acquisition will give Gingko access to Warp Drive Bio’s genome mining team, technology, and database. This collaboration will help merge biological information and advance its applications in other pharmaceutical industry. The Genome mining platform will augment Ginkgo’s sequencing capabilities, biological codebase, bioinformatics and machine learning tools for gene discovery.

Vertex, Kymera collaborates to develop Protein Degradation Medicine  

Vertex Pharmaceuticals– best known for its Cystic Fibrosis clinical development- is going to form an alliance with Kymera Therapeutics to accelerate the therapeutic market of different diseases, beyond Cystic Fibrosis. Vertex will pay Kymera USD 70 million upfront. Vertex so far has been focusing on developing drugs for rare genetic diseases caused due to mutations. And this deal will pave the way for Vertex to enter into the world of Protein degradation.

ArcherDX nets USD 60 M to advance Minimum Residual Disease diagnostics

ArcherDX successfully has raised USD 60 million to advance in the clinical development of minimum residual disease giving the company an opportunity to ingress into a market worth more than USD 20 million. Furthermore, the funds will accelerate the clinical development of its companion diagnostic program spanning solid and blood tumours, as well as circulating tumour DNA tests.

Bayer to invest USD 150 M for building a new therapy facility

Bayer has adhered to spend USD150 million to build a new facility for Biologics development and manufacturing. The Cell Culture Technology Center to be built on Bayer’s campus in Berkeley, California, will focus primarily on biologic therapies for oncology, cardiology and additional speciality care areas. The new facility will leverage automation, digital capabilities and single-use bioprocessing technologies to allow faster production of medicines.