Hologic complements Focal Therapeutics to its breast-conserving surgery for USD 125 Million

Hologic, a global champion of women’s health based in Massachusetts, United States, is taking possession of Focal Therapeutics, a medical device company, for USD 125 million to complement its breast-conserving surgery permit. This leads to Focal’s BioZorb implantable used in lumpectomies to designate tumour removal sites for monitoring and future treatments. The device’s titanium marker clips work with existing screening and imaging methods to help improve outcomes over the long term and it is placed during the tissue removal procedure with a range of sizes.

Allogene zeroed in at USD 287 Million IPO

CAR-T specialist Allogene is ruminating to raise around USD 287 million from a public listing. This cues a quick return to Wall Street for Arie Belldegrun and David Chang. Allogene launched with USD 300 million in the first-round capital and a suite of CAR-T assets approved from Cellectis, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company based in France.

Gamida, Novartis-backed cell therapy startup registers for IPO

Gamida Cell, a leader in the development of cellular and immune therapeutics based in Israel, has registered to raise USD 69 million in a Nasdaq IPO. The Novartis-backed cell therapy player needs the money for a phase 3 trial of its principal candidate in patients with blood cancers. Gamida is working on Cell therapies, and these are already broadly used in the blood cancers treatment such as acute myeloid leukaemia.

Aduro loses imperative partner as J&J exits licensing deals

Johnson & Johnson has aborted a trio of licensing deals with Aduro Biotech, based in the US, affecting a key source of income for the clinical-stage cancer immunotherapy specialist. The drug makers first tied up when J&J’s Janssen unit inked two agreements, which gave it exclusive rights to Aduro’s GVAX vaccine platform for prostate cancer and product candidates containing ADU-741. A third deal was signed, giving Janssen exclusive rights to all product candidates containing Aduro’s ADU-214, a similar Listeria strain.