The Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients worldwide market is in continuous development from the recent years. There is expected to be a major impact on the global API industry, with the large number of blockbuster drugs going off patent in the coming years. It is going to affect the revenue of the API market as generic drugs occupy the market. 

DelveInsight API Insights’ focus uncovers the commercial manufacturing status of 1600 Active Pharmaceutical ingredient molecules and above. The Report opens the opportunities for Generic Industries, Drug Companies as well as API Manufacturers to keep them updated on the API front all across the globe.  The data in the report will provide you with the strategic move for long term successful business.


DelveInsight is serving thousands of Companies and associated people in decision making in this highly competitive world.

Pharm API

Get the best out of Pharm API. Pharm API guides you at every step of the API buisness leading to successful milestones.

Report Prices

Drug Reports starts from USD 500
Indication Reports starts from USD 1250


The USDMF and EUDMF filings are the only way for API Manufacturers to take out the business in US and Europe countries. The US and EU5 with a strong business in Pharmaceutical Market provides an indication of which API manufacturers have an interest in penetrating the respective market. India and China produce a large percentage of a majority of the APIs and intermediates produced in the world currently followed by Italy and Spain.

Strategic Advantage 

  • Identification of API Manufacturers for US, Europe, India and China.
  • Potential API identification to add into the Company’s product portfolio.
  • Global Coverage of API Business Opportunities
  • Forecasted drug global sales for 2014-2016
  • Modulate production to reflect demand
  • Understand current market and growth dynamics
  • Estimate patent expiry dates for competitor drugs for your interested indication.
  • Analyze the impact of patent expiry and identify drugs that are vulnerable to generic competition.

The reports give deep details on the API and API Manufacturers information across the globe with their patent expiration details and Drug global sales forecasting till 2016. We can also customize these reports on the basis of clients needs. The reports are available on some of the leading market resellers website such as Report Linker/Report Buyer Market Reports Japan, Market Publishers, MarketReserachReports,, JSB Market Research, Reportstack and Bharat Book Bureau.

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