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The Haemophilia Market is driven by clotting factor concentrates. Besides hemophilia A and B, and those with von Willebrand disease (VWD), is also sometimes treated with clotting factor.

Currently about 20,000 people have hemophilia in the US; about 80% of them have hemophilia A, and 3,000 to 4,000 have hemophilia B. About 400 US babies with hemophilia are born each year. Von Willebrand disease is the most common bleeding disorder, affecting about 1% of the population.

In the Haemophilia world; diseases are cured by factors like Hemophilia A patients use factor VIII (FVIII), Hemophilia B patients use factor IX (FIX) and VWD patients use factor VIII with VWF (VWF/FVIII complex).

Long Acting Treatments 

The Recombinant hemophilia market is set to take over the market place with the long acting treatments in the major markets; the US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and Japan by the beginning in the US in 2014 and the European countries (5EU) in 2015. The launch of Biogen Idec and Sobi’s long-acting therapies for hemophilia A and B will affect the position of Baxter, Bayer and Pfizer’s market- leading therapies. These long acting therapies will give a significant increase in sales to the hemophilia market.
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