Pharma startup Bonti has recently grabbed a funding of USD 15 million

Managed by Ex-Allergan executives biotech startup Bonti has recently bagged a funding of USD 15.5 million in series C, The Company is focused on developing a new botulinum neurotoxin for both therapeutic and cosmetic uses. Funding will help in the development of company’s lead drug, EB-001 and in other market research activities.

NIH to boost up the gene editing development process by putting USD 190 million

Recently, the Gene-editing techniques such as CRISPR-Cas9 has grabbed a lot of attention after showing some promising results and are already transforming research. But there is still a long way ahead before this technique could become worthy as human therapeutics. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) has decided to boost the process by putting USD 190 million into a program to develop gene editing therapy.

Skyhawk Therapeutics grabbed a funding of USD 8 million RNA targeted therapy

Pharmaceutical startup Skyhawk Therapeutics grabbed a funding of USD 8 million to move small molecules that targets and correct the RNA expression into the clinic phases. The startup is going ahead with the same combination of executives and investors that have powered another pharma company Dragonfly Therapeutics to a deal with Celgene for the natural killer cell.

Tmunity Therapeutics successfully scored USD 100 million for advance T-cell immunotherapies

In the quest to bring better and safer T-cell Immunotherapies for both solid tumors and blood cancers, Tmunity Therapeutics and has successfully grabbed a funding of USD 100 million in series A funding. Ping An Ventures, the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy, Gilead, the University of Pennsylvania and Lilly Asia Ventures, backed the funding series.