Gilead Sciences Inc. bought Kite Pharma (USD 11.9 Billion) while Celgene took over Juno Therapeutics (USD 9 Billion) to make the greatest speculation into this rising subject over the recent one year. While experts hope that each individual CAR-T therapies will yield sales of USD 1 billion, the investing companies hope to rope in higher sales. With the death of five patients in the trials of Juno Therapeutics, Seattle Biotech now assumes its CAR-T cell therapy to be the best in class. While the equipment makers are now independent and are making their own inventions in CAR-T cell therapy, bigger companies are also getting involved in this business like GE Healthcare investing in cold chain experts etc. These advancements will bring in more deals for the development of cellular therapies and will further help the patients get better access to treatment with minimal side effects. However, there are few limitations to be taken into consideration such as cost-effectiveness and therapy limited to specific bloodlines.