Age-related Hearing Loss Device

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Key Devices in Hearing Loss Management Market
Evaluating the Growing Role of Devices in the Rehabilitation of Hearing Impairment

Hearing loss is a growing public health concern, and the number of cases is rising globally at a significant pace. As per the WHO, more than 1.5 billion people (nearly 20% of the global population) live with hearing loss, and 430 million of them have disabling hearing loss. According to the NIDCD, in the United Sta...

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Age-related Hearing Loss Device Market Dynamics Expected to Step into Growth Quadrant

Age-related hearing loss (ARHL), also known as presbycusis, is a complicated disease that has been observed in tens of millions of people around the world. It is defined as a progressive, irreversible, and symmetrical bilateral neurosensory hearing loss caused by cochlea degeneration, in which sound-induced vibrati...

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