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Astellas ditches UMN Pharma; J&J, Actelion land on a price; Bayer’s pledge; Biogen to fork over $1.25B-plus

With Flublok at a standstill in Japan, Astellas ditches collaborator UMN Pharma After Japanese regulators turned away the partners’ submission for a new cell-culture flu vaccine, Astellas has pulled the plug on a collaboration with UMN Pharma. UMN said it’s “regrettable” the companies can no longer work together to ...

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CDC study reveals; Jevtana receives yes; Herantis secures; Immuno-oncology is not cost-effective

CDC study reveals Zika virus replicates in foetal brain and placentas Study conducted by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has revealed that the Zika virus replicates in the brain tissues of infants with microcephaly and persists in foetal brains and placentas of women who suffered pregnancy lo...

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Next Generation Antibody-Drug Conjugate Therapeutics and Market Analysis

Antibody-Drug Conjugates-A Big Boom! Therapeutics developed to create innovative medicines based on the use of new and improved antibodies is the next generation cure for the treatment of various diseases. In past decade, the antibody drug conjugates have emerged out as the active areas of many biopharmaceutical ...

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