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Audiology Devices Market Analysis
Ears to the Future: Evaluating Key Advancements and Trends Driving the Audiology Devices Market Growth

Audiology Devices have witnessed an unprecedented surge in demand in recent years. One of the primary drivers is the escalating prevalence of hearing impairments globally, attributed to various factors such as an aging population and increased exposure to environmental noise. As per the World Health Organization (W...

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MedTech News for AngioDynamics, Ameda, Pfizer, Cochlear
AngioDynamics’s AlphaVac F18 PE System; Pfizer’s RSVpreF/PF-06928316 Trial; Intelligent Ultrasound’s ScanNav Anatomy PNB; FDA Approves the Cochlear Nucleus 8 Sound Processor; Ameda’s Pearl Breast Pump; J&J to Buy Abiomed; Thermo Fisher Scientific to Acquire The Binding Site Group

AngioDynamics Announces First Patient Enrolled in APEX-AV Study Assessing AlphaVac F18⁸⁵ PE System in Treatment of Pulmonary Embolism On October 31, 2022, AngioDynamics, a leading and transformative medical technology company focused on restoring healthy blood flow in the body’s vascular system, expanding cancer...

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Key Devices in Hearing Loss Management Market
Evaluating the Growing Role of Devices in the Rehabilitation of Hearing Impairment

Hearing loss is a growing public health concern, and the number of cases is rising globally at a significant pace. As per the WHO, more than 1.5 billion people (nearly 20% of the global population) live with hearing loss, and 430 million of them have disabling hearing loss. According to the NIDCD, in the United Sta...

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Analysing the Treatment Approaches in the Hearing Loss Market and Key Companies in the Domain

Hearing Loss is a severe condition that has a multifaceted impact on the individual’s growth and development. It can lead to isolation and loneliness and can also significantly reduce the quality of life. As per the WHO, nearly 430 million people (representing over 5% of the world’s population) require rehabilitati...

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