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MedTech News for X-trodes, Lumicell, Konesksa
Johnson & Johnson’s Tecnis PureSee lens; Sparrow BioAcoustics’s Stethoscope Software; Better Therapeutics’s MASH Treatment; X-trodes’ Wearable “Skin” Solution; Lumicell’s LUMISIGHTTM; Konesksa Enrolled First Patient in Learns Observational Study

Johnson & Johnson, Launched New Intraocular Lens in EMEA Region On February 15, 2024, Johnson & Johnson Medtech’s vision unit launched the Tecnis PureSee lens in the EMEA region. Tecnis PureSee is a purely refractive intraocular lens (IOL) specifically designed to correct presbyopia. Its proprietary desi...

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MedTech News for Empatica, ClariPi, Sony, Mainstay Medical, Zimmer
Mainstay Medical’s ReActiv8-C Study; Swing Therapeutics Announced Results from Studies of Stanza; FDA Approves Empatica’s Health Monitoring Platform; FDA Clearance to Persona OsseoTi Keel Tibia System; ClariPi Joins Siemens Healthineers Digital Marketplace; Sony Launches Cloud-based Solution for Flow Cytometry Data Analysis

Mainstay Medical Published Post-Market Clinical Trial Data from Ongoing ReActiv8®-C Study  On November 22, 2022, Mainstay Medical, a medical devices company, announced that the data from the ReActiv8®-C study, a single-centre, real-world study with a one-year clinical follow-up of selected patients, is publ...

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Digital Therapeutics Market, FDA Approvals and Companies
How Is Digital Therapeutics Reshaping the Future of Healthcare?

Over the past few years, there has been a massive advancement and adoption in the digital health segment. The segment is likely to exhibit growth and onward trend in the coming years as well, owing to the huge capital investment and positive approach by the healthcare authorities Similar, some key factors, such as ...

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Digital Therapeutics in Mental Health and Neurological Disorders
Role of Digital Therapeutics (DTx) in Mental Health Management

Over the last decade, various technologies, after being evaluated rigorously, have exhibited competence in treating mental health by becoming an extension of the already present care models. Today, the patient or user can now download a clinical-grade app on the phone, tablet, or computer and use it as a reliable m...

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Digital therapeutics
Potential of Digital therapeutics and increasing CVDs

The 21st century has been a remarkable century for humankind, as a lot of innovation, research and development has taken place in the field of healthcare, due to which we have been able to increase the overall lifespan of the human beings.  However, the central question is, are we able to increase the healt...

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