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Ipsen and Skyhawk Therapeutics Partnership; SynOx Therapeutics’ Phase III Trial; Roche’s Alecensa FDA Approval; AbbVie’s RINVOQ Phase III SELECT-GCA Trial; AskBio’s AB-1002 FDA Fast Track Designation

Ipsen Partners with Skyhawk Therapeutics for RNA-Focused Research in Rare Neurological Disorders Ipsen and Skyhawk Therapeutics have entered into an exclusive global partnership to explore and create new small molecules that can influence RNA for rare neurological conditions. Under this agreement, Ipsen has the ...

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Unveiling the Potential of TROP-2 Inhibitors: A New Frontier in Cancer Treatment

Trophoblast cell surface antigen-2 (TROP-2) is a 35-kDa protein found on cell membranes, made of sugars and a protein chain, serving as a transmitter of calcium signals. It is produced by the TACSTD2 gene and shares a structural similarity with the epithelial cell adhesion molecule (EpCAM). TROP2, although ident...

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Pharma News for Amgen BioNTech and Gilead
Amgen Announced the Result of its CodeBreak-200 Trial; FDA Clears Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Deucravacitinib; BioNTech’s Amplified CAR-T Therapy; TIL Therapy Improves on Yervoy in Melanoma; GSK’s Daprodustat will have to face FDA Advisory Committee; Breakthrough Therapy Status to Pfizer’s Group B Strep Vaccine; EU Approves Gilead’ Tecartus; Gilead’ Trodelvy Results in TROPiCs-02 Trial

Amgen Reveals the Top-line Result of its CodeBreak-200 trial of Lumakras in Lung Cancer The top-line result of Amgen's CodeBreak-200 trial of Lumakras in lung cancer was presented in abstract form at ESMO two weeks ago, showing a 34% improvement in progression-free survival (PFS) compared to chemotherapy. The fu...

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Metastatic CRPC ASCO 2022
B7-H3, an emerging immune checkpoint molecule in metastatic CRPC and other cancers

Preliminary findings of Phase I/II dose-expansion study of DS-7300 (a B7-H3 antibody-drug conjugate) in mCRPC patients backed B7-H3 as a potential new target in treatment-resistant prostate cancers (Abstract #87) Immune-checkpoint inhibitors (ICI) have resulted in significant therapeutic advancements in a wide r...

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Most Promising Oncological Drugs Expected to Launch in 2022

The innovation in the oncology drug pipeline has resulted in a record number of FDA and EU approvals in recent years, as investigators and sponsors seek new and targeted treatments for individuals diagnosed with different types of cancers each year. In 2022, regulators will continue to evaluate new oncology therapi...

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Merck Focuses its Research on Hard to Treat Cancers

Merck is a leading science and technology company, and has many projects that are involved in research to find treatments for diseases that are hard to treat. Keeping in view with this agenda, Merck has announced that the new research that has been conducted from their marketed and pipeline compounds will be present...

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