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MedTech Industry Roars Back as FDA Approvals Soar

Zimmer Biomet Receives FDA Approval for its Rosa System On 20 April 2021, Zimmer Biomet received FDA 510(k) clearance for its Rosa Partial Knee system for robotically-assisted partial knee replacement surgeries. This is the new edition to Zimmer Biomet's Rosa Robotics platform, which comprises the Rosa Knee syst...

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Can We Overlook The Potential Dangers That Come With AI In Healthcare?

Pondering over the future of healthcare, a trip to a hospital does not seem to fit in the picture now. The emergence of advanced technologies, advantages of using AI in healthcare, increasing per capita income of people, adaptation to an online and on-demand world, increase in the prevalence of chronic disease pati...

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Bioelectronic Medicine
Bioelectronic Medicine: Applications and Future Prospects

Healthcare industry during the past few decades has witnessed phenomenal growth and improvement due to technological advancement and innovation. The hospital management, medical devices & equipment, pharmaceutical products, and surgical procedures all have gone under tremendous up-gradation and improvement.&nbs...

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Healthcare scenario in MENA region
Booming Healthcare sector in MENA: Lucrative opportunity for Global pharma players

The Middle-East and North-Africa region (MENA), which encompasses some of the world’s wealthiest economies, extends unparalleled opportunities to multinational corporations with expertise in medical devices. There is a conspicuous disparity in the economic prowess across the countries, but most of them have shown r...

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