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Digital Health in the Field of Oncology
Emerging Role of Digital Health in the Field of Oncology

The growth and development in the Digital health technologies, such as mobile health (mHealth) apps, electronic health records (EHRs), electronic medical records (EMRs), wearable devices, telehealth, and telemedicine, as well as personalized medicine, have immensely transformed the healthcare industry and its marke...

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Leading Medication Management Apps in the Market
How Medication Management Apps are Adding Value to the Treatment Journey?

It has become a necessity in our daily lives to get the medications exactly when the body requires them. But at times, we tend to forget or ignore. Taking medications routinely, understanding their effects and side-effects as well as monitoring the outcomes can be tedious. So healthcare professionals and technologi...

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Digital therapeutics
Potential of Digital therapeutics and increasing CVDs

The 21st century has been a remarkable century for humankind, as a lot of innovation, research and development has taken place in the field of healthcare, due to which we have been able to increase the overall lifespan of the human beings.  However, the central question is, are we able to increase the healt...

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