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In The Global Race For The COVID-19 Vaccine, India Stands As A Strong Player

India registered its first COVID-19 case on 30-January-2020 in Kerala. The cases since then are on a continuous rise. The Government of India in order to contain the spread of novel coronavirus rolled out several guidelines and precautionary measures. The situation worldwide was so serious that the whole nation was...

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The Most Promising COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates In The Pipeline To Watch Out For

Coronavirus pandemic has infected over 10 million people worldwide with over half a million casualties. The lock-down and other restriction measures such as social distancing have somehow slowed down the virus spread initially. But these steps have caused many serious humanitarian and economic consequences. Countri...

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patent ductus arteriosus

Axovant tips nelotanserin from small molecule R&D Axovant has stopped nelotanserin development after it missed the primary endpoint in a phase 2 trial in patients with Lewy body dementia. The dull data compelled Axovant to miss the drug and finish its pivot from small molecules to gene therapies. The parent comp...

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