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Will Roche’s Crovalimab An Answer to AstraZeneca PNH Treatment Drugs?

China has become the first nation to approve Roche’s crovalimab, a paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria (PNH) treatment. Unlike AstraZeneca’s infused treatments Soliris and Ultomiris, crovalimab is administered subcutaneously. Developed by Roche’s subsidiary Chugai Pharmaceutical, crovalimab is a humanized complemen...

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The Expanding Market of Complement Inhibitors

The development of complement inhibitors has been growing rapidly over the years, and it has proved to be one of the breakthroughs in various therapeutic areas. These inhibitors act on the dysregulated complement system, a group of proteins that forms an essential part of innate immunity. This system comes into eff...

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Top Most Expensive Drugs in the US Healthcare Market
Top 12 Most Expensive Drugs in the US Healthcare Market

Drug pricing is one of the hottest topics in the healthcare segment. Several arguments have been put forward by people, governments, healthcare companies, and other organizations in favor of and against expensive medicines. Some of the drugs are so expensive that they are nearly out of reach of the common people. H...

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Pharma News
Novartis buys Medicines; Blackstone Life Sciences and Ferring’s collaboration; Alexion’s Soliris (eculizumab) Approval;

Novartis plans to buy The Medicines Company for USD 9.7 Billion to gain access to a heart drug inclisiran, almost ready to get into the market. Under the terms of the deal, Novartis will pay USD 85 per share to the Medicines Company, a cholesterol drug developer, making the deal up to USD 9.7 Billion. The whole...

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Johnson & Johnson
Biodesix collaborates with MRM; Avoiding flu with an antibody; Soliris clears trial

Biodesix collaborates with MRM for development of mass-spec proteomics Biodesix, the lung cancer diagnostic developer is collaborating with MRM Proteomics to authorize its iMALDI automated assay technology for quantifying proteins using mass spectrometry. It is done with the goal of enabling precision therapies....

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Cellectis successfully bags USD 164 million for Gene-editing and CAR-T programs

Cellectis successfully bags USD 164 million for Gene-editing and CAR-T programs After a rough journey in 2017, the road seems clear for French CAR-T specialist Cellectis, which has recently closed a USD 164 million U.S. public offering. Out of total funding amount around USD 100 million will be used to build commerc...

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