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Pharma News for Bayer, AstraZeneca, AbbVie, A2 Bio
Bayer’s New Cardiology Drug Acoramidis; Two Datopotamab Deruxtecan Applications Validated in the EU; AbbVie and OSE Immunotherapeutics Announce Announces Partnership; vTv Therapeutics Makes Major Move With Cadisegliatin; A2 Bio Scores FDA Orphan Drug Designation for its Therapy, A2B530; FDA Fast Track Designation for AlloNK® in Lupus Nephritis

Acoramidis Joins Bayer's Robust Lineup, Boosting Cardiology Solutions Bayer has obtained the exclusive rights to market acoramidis in Europe from Eidos Therapeutics Inc., BridgeBio International GmbH, and BridgeBio Europe B.V. Acoramidis, a highly potent and selective small molecule given orally, functions as a ...

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Alzheimer’s Disease Market | Biogen | Aducanumab | Eisai| Biogen | Aducanumab | Eisai |
Can Aducanumab Solve the Puzzle Of Alzheimer’s?

Alzheimer's Disease Market finally witnessed the approval of standard therapy, Aducanumab, by Biogen. What impact does it hold for the future? Demographic or population ageing is a global and dominant phenomenon of the 21st century. Different geographies are experiencing population ageing at different rates. As ...

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An Ageing Population and Upcoming Therapies: What is shaping the Alzheimer’s Disease Market Scenario?

The ageing population is a global phenomenon. According to the UN’s “World Population Prospects 2019” by 2100, the world’s population is projected to reach approximately 10.9 billion. Moreover, between 2020 and 2100, the number of people ages 80 and older is expected to increase from 146 million to 881 million. ...

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