Epic Sciences garners USD 52 Million for blood tests in cancer patients

Epic Sciences received USD 52 million to progress its suite of liquid biopsies that utilizes computer vision and machine learning to find circulating tumour cells while characterizing the immune response of the body at the same time. The Cancer blood test company also ruminates to utilize the new funds to club its tests with electronic health records and big data analytics to begin patterns in cancer cell evolution, drug selection and clinical outcomes.

Tvardi Therapeutics gets financing for STAT3-driven diseases candidate TTI-101 program

Tvardi Therapeutics has apprised regarding the completion of a USD 9 million Series A financing round. The funding will facilitate the completion of ongoing Phase I studies for lead compound TTI-101 of Tvardi in solid tumor cancers. The STAT3-driven diseases have noteworthy societal and economic impact and the positive development of a safe and effective STAT3 inhibitor such as TTI-101 could transform the lives of millions of patients affected with the diseases.

Galera Therapeutics raises USD 150 Million for testing radiation side effect drug in phase 3

Galera Therapeutics has reeled in USD 150 million that will bring a drug designed to prevent inflammatory side effects from radiation therapy into a pivotal phase 3 study. The financing comes when GC4419 showed to ward off severe oral mucositis (SOM) in patients with head and neck cancers. Some of new investors like Nan Fung Life Sciences and RA Capital taken a part, while existing sponsors like New Enterprise Associates, Novartis Venture Fund, Novo Ventures and Sofinnova Ventures also joined.

The 3 main international charities fund USD 39.4 million after Brexit in cancer research model

Three chief international cancer charities contemplate to invest about USD 39.4 million in six U.K. and European research projects, so to provide a collaboration model. The partnership between Cancer Research UK, the Italian Association for Cancer Research and the Spanish Association Against Cancer is intended to speed up translational research at academic centres in immunotherapies, CAR-T cell production, drug resistance, diagnostics and more.