Nucala of GlaxoSmithKline exhibits splendid benefits to other IL-5 Inhibitors in Asthma, however flunks as a COPD Drug

A Complete Response Letter is received by GSK from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for Nucala (mepolizumab) as COPD treatment. Nucala, which targets the IL-5 pathway, was initially approved in 2015 by the FDA to treat patients of age 12 years and older with severe asthma with an eosinophilic phenotype. Data by GSK was shown that the same medication was a better treatment in severe eosinophilic asthma in patients with similar blood eosinophil counts.

The mutation in gene is an answer to glioblastoma’s immortality

Researchers of the University of California, San Francisco discovered a common cancer mutation that drives glioblastoma, the brain cancer that could point new targets for drug treatments. The mutation, which occurs in a gene regulator called TERT and is the most common mutation in glioblastoma that leads to immortality in cancer cells.

The novice startup, Elevian set up to chase the approach for aging diseases

Elevian has established to develop drugs, which are based on GDF11 (growth differentiation factor 11), a protein that is linked to age-related diseases, discovered by Harvard University. Organs can be rejuvenated by taking the blood from young mice and administered in older animals. The work of researches on GDF11 involved a technique, parabiosis in which the circulatory systems of young and old mice that were combined to allow the blood to flow between the animals that gives the cue that cardiac, brain and muscle tissue can be regenerated by injecting the protein into old mice.

Pfizer joins Cytoo for help to identify Duchenne muscular dystrophy targets

Pfizer has collaborated with Cytoo to work on Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) target discovery platform. The early-stage alliance comes a week after Pfizer stopped the development of domagrozumab in DMD, due to lackluster midphase data. Inability of Domagrozumab to move the needle in phase 2, got added to the disturbed history of DMD drug development.