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The Question That Remains Unanswered: What Might Be Causing Alzheimer’s?

50 million people globally have dementia, and out of all the dementia cases, Alzheimer’s Disease accounts for about 60–70% of cases, says the WHO. Alzheimer's Disease is a neurodegenerative disease, a common cause of dementia that affects behavior, memory, and thinking abilities of an individual. Mostly the symptom...

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One of the leading causes of blindness, and a sight-threatening disease, Uveitis, now has novel treatment approaches in its pipeline

Uveitis is an ocular inflammation of the uveal tract, the middle layer of the eyeball. The uveal layer is responsible for nourishing the eye, and if damaged, leads to progressive and irreversible damage. Uveitis generally starts from the damage in the uveal layer; however, the disease is not at all confined to the ...

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Healthcare scenario in MENA region
Booming Healthcare sector in MENA: Lucrative opportunity for Global pharma players

The Middle-East and North-Africa region (MENA), which encompasses some of the world’s wealthiest economies, extends unparalleled opportunities to multinational corporations with expertise in medical devices. There is a conspicuous disparity in the economic prowess across the countries, but most of them have shown r...

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World Hypertension day

World Hypertension Day The World Hypertension day is celebrated on May 17, 2019. The theme is Know Your Numbers with the aim to increase awareness of high blood pressure (BP) around the world and promote hypertension prevention, detection and control. Cardiovascular diseases occur due to high blood pre...

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Astellas’ Ophthalmology Innovation to Strengthen Further With Quethera Acquisition Astellas has acquired Quethera, a gene therapy company headquartered in the UK, which is focused on developing novel treatments for ocular disorders, such as glaucoma. Through this transaction, Astellas has acquired Quethera’s ...

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