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In The Global Race For The COVID-19 Vaccine, India Stands As A Strong Player

India registered its first COVID-19 case on 30-January-2020 in Kerala. The cases since then are on a continuous rise. The Government of India in order to contain the spread of novel coronavirus rolled out several guidelines and precautionary measures. The situation worldwide was so serious that the whole nation was...

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The Most Promising COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates In The Pipeline To Watch Out For

Coronavirus pandemic has infected over 10 million people worldwide with over half a million casualties. The lock-down and other restriction measures such as social distancing have somehow slowed down the virus spread initially. But these steps have caused many serious humanitarian and economic consequences. Countri...

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Immunomedics Halts Sacituzumab govitecan trial; GSK-Vir Biotech collaboration; INO-4800 DNA COVID-19 Vaccine; Pfizer Commits $ 40M for COVID-19

Immunomedics discontinues its trial early – hopes for accelerated approval of Sacituzumab govitecan for mTNBC Immunomedics- a New Jersey-based pharmaceutical company has announced to freeze its Phase III confirmatory ASCENT clinical trial of sacituzumab govitecan aimed at treating metastatic triple-negative brea...

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Wuhan Coronavirus: A global emergency

An outbreak of a mysterious viral infection, 2019-nCoV – coronavirus, has set the whole world on toes, claiming the lives of more than 800 people in China, surpassing the death toll caused from SARS, reports the Chinese government.  An infection with the symptoms more or less like pneumonia, known by the name ...

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Osteoporosis New Drug
New Osteoporosis Drug promises to rebuild Bone

Osteoporosis is a bone disease that makes bones weak and brittle. Osteoporosis, as the word says itself “porous bones”. As we age, bone density decreases and even mild stress or a light fall can cause severe damage. If this happens excessively, the result is Osteoporosis. The older bones keep on degrading, and new ...

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gene therapy in oncology
Gene Therapy in Oncology: Innovation to Commercialization

Gene Therapy is a way to introduce a normal working gene in the place of a mutated one which might result in some kinds of abnormalities. Gene Therapy is a novel way to express novel proteins, and re-design the genome to prevent any disease. The concept here is some disorders are caused due to their defect in a sin...

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