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Bristol Myers Squibb’ Karuna Therapeutics Buyout; Orchard Therapeutics’ Lenmeldy FDA Approval; Madrigal Pharmaceuticals’ Rezdiffra FDA Approval; AstraZeneca’s Acquisition of Amolyt Pharma; Prilenia’s Pridopidine EU Marketing Approval

Bristol Myers Squibb Enhances Neuroscience Arm with Karuna Therapeutics Buyout Bristol Myers Squibb has declared the finalization of its purchase of Karuna Therapeutics, Inc. With this acquisition concluded Karuna’s shares are no longer being traded on the Nasdaq Global Select Market, as Karuna is now fully owne...

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Orchard’s OTL-200 to Enter US Metachromatic Leukodystrophy Treatment Space After EU

Orchard Therapeutics’ Biologics License Application for OTL-200, a gene therapy under investigation for metachromatic leukodystrophy treatment, has been accepted by the FDA. This rare disease treatment received approval in Europe back in 2020. Notably, the FDA has granted Orchard’s application Priority Review statu...

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Overcoming the prevailing unmet needs in Beta-Thalassemia Market

The current Beta-thalassemia market is experiencing the emergence of gene therapies as a one-time cure for the patients. Beta thalassemia is relatively a common heterogeneous autosomal recessive hereditary blood disorder. It is a common form of hemoglobinopathy characterized by ineffective erythropoiesis leadi...

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Gilead remunerates; Roche taps Halozyme’s drug delivery tech; Orchard Therapeutics prices its IPO

Gilead remunerates USD 50 Million to collaborate with synthetic lethality startup Tango Gilead is remunerating USD 50 million upfront to enter into an immuno-oncology collaboration with Massachusetts-based Tango Therapeutics. The deal provides Gilead with the option to receive the worldwide rights to five targets d...

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Orchard files for IPO; J&J puts money on RNA interference; Rgenix receives $40M; GSK gives a helping hand

Orchard files for USD173 Million IPO to run pivotal gene therapy trials Orchard Therapeutics, Transatlantic biotech, has filed to raise USD 173 million in an IPO. This will lead it to take three gene therapies through the clinic. Orchard recognised itself as one of the broadest clinical-phase gene therapy pipelines ...

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