Gilead remunerates USD 50 Million to collaborate with synthetic lethality startup Tango

Gilead is remunerating USD 50 million upfront to enter into an immuno-oncology collaboration with Massachusetts-based Tango Therapeutics. The deal provides Gilead with the option to receive the worldwide rights to five targets discovered and validated by Tango. The company, a Third Rock Ventures-backed startup that uses CRISPR and other tools to discover synthetic lethal gene pairs. The approach had opened more targets than the startup, driving it to enter into discussions with potential partners.

Roche taps Halozyme’s drug delivery tech for up to USD 520 Million

Roche and Halozyme with their initial collaboration around the latter’s Enhanze drug delivery platform, Roche is licensing it again for three new targets. Roche is remunerating USD 25 million up front, but Halozyme will receive between USD160 million and USD165 million in milestones for each target—up to USD 495 million in total. The Big Pharma will develop a new, undisclosed clinical-stage therapeutic target.

Orchard Therapeutics prices its IPO

Orchard Therapeutics sets its IPO at USD 14 a share, raising USD 200 million and exceeding the USD 173 million goals that it has set earlier. The funds will bankroll the essential trials and regulatory filings for three gene therapies in the U.S. and Europe. The IPO haul will also progress OTL-102, for the X-linked chronic granulomatous disease. The earlier-stage programs of Orchard in Sanfillipo syndrome and beta thalassemia will benefit too.