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Top 10 Most Common Food Allergies
What are the Top 9 Most Common Food Allergies and How Pharma Companies are Tackling the Crisis?

Food Allergies is a major concern for a wide spectrum of populations globally. According to the World Allergy Organization, “food allergy affected approximately 2.5% of the general population, but the spread of prevalence data was wide, ranging from 1% to 10%.” According to the Centers for Disease Control and Preve...

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Peanut Allergy Market Outlook: The Market Size Growth Sees Major Thrusts

Peanut allergy (PA) is one of the most common food allergies that affect children in Western nations. It is diagnosed at early stages and often persists till adulthood in approximately 75%–80% of the cases.  DelveInsight estimates that approximately 10,578,543 Peanut allergy prevalent cases were reported in 7M...

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Zydus starts Phase II COVID-19 vaccine trial; Taysha raises $95M; FDA declines DBV’s peanut allergy patch; Combating COVID-19 with decoy target

Zydus starts phase 2 COVID-19 vaccine trial after clearing safety test Zydus Cadila has finished a phase 1 clinical trial of its COVID-19 vaccine ZyCoV-D, setting it up to move straight into a 1,000-subject phase 2 study. The Indian company informed that the DNA vaccine was well tolerated in the first stage of t...

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Peanut allergy
FDA is reviewing a dangerous way to treat Peanut Allergy

Peanut allergies (PA) are the most common and severe type of food allergies in children. Even a small fragment of this legume to an allergic person can result in permanent brain damage.  The prevalence rate of the Peanut allergy, over the past two decades, has tripled. According to DelveInsight, total prevalen...

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patent ductus arteriosus

Gene editing, a possible treatment, for inherited kidney disease Joubert syndrome, an inherited brain disorder that causes kidney failure in patients. This requires a transplant or dialysis. A mutation in the gene CEP290 causes the inherited form of kidney disease and scientists in the U.K. to apprise of having an e...

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