Why does everyone sleep? Tired? Sleep a little. Not feeling well? Nap for a little while. Working for long? Rest a bit.

For most of the things, Slumber is a solution. And now there is a scientific theory to prove that. In a recent study published in the journal Nature Communications, researchers at Bar-Ilan University in Israel revealed the importance of sleep. With the use of 3D time-lapse imaging techniques in live zebrafish researchers were able to show how a single neuron needs sleep in order to maintain its nuclear balance. The subject used i.e. Zebra fish helped researchers to have a clear insight about the Brain and sleep patterns. Their transparent body structure and similar to human brain structure help while studying a single live cell in both the phases –awake and asleep. The findings that chromosomes were more active when the fish was asleep or in resting mode left scientists astonished.

DNA damages and misconduct that happen due to radiation, oxidative articulate, change neuronic activeness etc. received in wakefulness needs replenishment. And sleep comes to the rescue.  What sleep does when a neuron sleeps is it increases chromosomal dynamics and normalizes the level of DNA damage. And this process of maintenance is not at its best when a neuron is active and awake.

So, sleep on because Sleep does consolidate and synchronize neuron repair within.