Sun Pharma forms distribution partnership with Mitsubishi Tanabe in Japan

In a recent strategic move, Sun Pharma formed a distribution alliance with Mitsubishi Tanabe Pharma Corporation in Japan for the total of 14 prescription brands which were acquired from Novartis for $293m. The brands are Parlodel, Lamisil, Nitroderm, Apresoline, Zaditen, Symmetrel, Cibacen, Tegretol, Pursennid, Lioresal, Lopresor, Ternelin, Ludiomil and Lochol. After the transfer from Novartis to Sun Pharma subsidiary in Japan, Mitsubishi will be responsible for the marketing as well as the distribution of all the 14 brands.

Pfizer and DCRI collaborated to improve adult vaccination rates

Pfizer, Duke Clinical Research Institute (DCRI), Duke Primary Care, and Premier have recently joined hands to work collectively for the improvisation of adult vaccination rates. The project named Adult Immunisation Poject, funded by Pfizer wil be piloted throught out Duke Primary Care.

Avara Acquires AstraZeneca UK Manufacturing Facility

AstraZeneca’s UK manufacturing facility was acquired by US based Avara Pharmaceutical Services, as per the terms and conditions of the contract, the employees of the AstraZeneca will remain employed and the plant will continue manufacturing critical pharmaceutical products of the AstraZeneca.

ASLAN Pharmaceutical’s Collaboration with A*STAR for development of Antibody targeting Zancer

Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR) provided worldwide development and commercialization license of a novel immuno-oncology antibody targeting RON (Recepteur d’Origine Nantais) to ASLAN pharmaceuticals, an Immuno-Oncology focused biotech company. Clinical studies will commence by 2018. The collaboration also includes a development of Innovative Clinical Program assisted by ASLAN.

The successful collaboration between Amgen and Servier results into Omecamtiv Mecarbil’s advancement to Phase III

Omecamtiv mecarbil, a drug developed under the collaboration between Amgen and Servier for Chronic Heart Failure is reported to enter into Phase III clinical trials. This drug will be commercialized by Servier in Europe as well as in Russian Commonwealth. For this Servier will have to pay $10 million to Amgen. Also, these companies are planning to collaborate with Cytogenetics for the drug’s further development.