The third edition of CAR-TCR Summit Europe is a one-stop platform that provides attendees with a holistic view of the Gene therapy market, listing the solutions to the plausible hurdles that come across in the process.
Hosting over 1000 industry-experts, the CAR TCR Summit is tailored for pharma & biotech players, cell therapy researchers, scholars, & clinicians, working directly in developing CAR-T therapies to find a cure for different types solid and liquid tumors and other Cell-storage and related logistics companies,  and industry service providers supplementing the advancement in the field.

The four-day program digs deeper into the know-hows of the CAR and TCR therapies and their scope in tackling several debilitating and life-threatening diseases like Cancer. With two therapies, Kymriah, and Yescarta in the Oncology treatment market, and one – all set to enter the market – several other studies are ongoing in different geographies to target different types of cancers.

However, the struggles the therapies have encountered to get the approval from the regulatory authority and then for the geographic expansion proved to be a significant barrier. The challenge did not just end there. The price tag attached posed a big question mark on their affordability, hence resulted in reluctant uptake in the hospitals. Despite the challenges that bumped into, the CAR -T therapy continues to advance, investments continue to soar, and the competition continues to unravel.

Why attend CAR TCR Summit Europe?

The CAR TCR Summit proffers a convenient spot to address all the concerns of the attendees, with a promise to showcase the need as well as the bright future of the CAR-T cell therapy in treating chronic conditions, presenting the innovations brought in the oncology therapy market by over 150 speakers, and strategizing the approaches that can help in tackling the tailbacks of obstacles in producing, manufacturing, and commercializing the gene therapies.

With the agenda to create a Cancer-free world, the essence of CAR TCR summit this year will revolve around technical bottlenecks that halt the therapy development at every stage of CAR-T drug development cycle across the three tracks, i.e., Translation, Manufacturing, and Development & Commercialization.

Adorned with KOLs of several companies including CARsgen Therapeutics, Kite & Eureka Therapeutics, Gracell & TCBiopharm, and GammaDelta Therapeutics, Immatics & Gadeta, GlaxoSmithKline, Bluebird Bio, and Celgene – developing CAR T therapies for different types of tumors at different stage of manufacturing – the summit offers an esteemed platform to keep attendees abreast of parameters – technical, developmental, and commercial.

Gracell & TCBiopharm would help in identifying and expanding optimal T cell products, whereas CARsgen Therapeutics will share its views on overcoming tumour resistance for enhanced durability of response of the therapy. Similarly, Kite & Eureka Therapeutics will be sharing their experience in managing toxicity, and GammaDelta Therapeutics will be talking more about improving tumour targeting and safety profiles of allogeneic therapies.

On a similar note, companies on Manufacturing track such as Immatics & Gadeta will be analyzing the technological advancements that have and may help in shorten down the process of manufacturing of CAR T therapy. Additionally, there would be discussions regarding CMC control, handling vector supply challenges by Alliance of Regenerative Medicine and GlaxoSmithKline, respectively. European regulatory authority EMA would also help in guiding Pharma and biotech players, and academia to carry out technology transfer efficiently.

Moving towards the companies whose therapies had been or are on the cusp of commercialization, such as GlaxoSmithKline & Marker Therapeutics will be reminiscing about their journeys and the lessons learnt for better developmental decision making. MHRA & Celgene, on the other hand, would be helping and guidance through the regulatory process and initiation of clinical trials, specifically, in Europe.  Similarly, NICE & bluebird bio will be addressing early evidence criteria to achieve access and reimbursement with and NHS would be reviewing the operational challenges of running an effective CAR-T allogeneic trial.

To summarize it, through garnering insights from various industry-experts the CAR TCR summit focuses in constructing an agenda to suit the needs of the attendees, guiding them through the process from pre-clinical till commercialization, and strategizing business decisions to identify potential partners.