Gene therapy company 4D Molecular Therapeutics raises USD 90 Million to collaborate with AstraZeneca and Roche for moving gene therapies into clinical testing

4D Molecular Therapeutics has upraised USD 90 million in venture capital funds for progressing its vector platform and treatments, which use adeno-associated viruses for inserting genes into cells. Its lead program is 4D-110 that is delivered squarely to the eye to treat choroideremia, an inherited disorder that causes progressive vision loss and is expected to enter clinical trials next year.

Arvinas slates for USD 100 Million IPO

Arvinas lines up for USD100 million in its IPO. This will get its major and lead assets through the IND stage and into phase 1. The Connecticut-based biotech, the New Haven is currently working on an androgen receptor program, ARV-110, in castration-resistant prostate cancer, and an estrogen receptor program, ARV-471, in metastatic ER-positive breast cancer. The IPO funds that is in bulk is designated to carry these assets into the clinic and whatever is left, will head towards extending its protein degradation platform and conducting preclinical work for its earlier-stage programs.

Sutro Biopharma ruminates for USD 75 Million to push antibody-drug conjugates

South San Francisco-based, Sutro Biopharma, the oncology player has filed to raise up to USD75 million in its IPO. This funding will bolster the clinical development of two antibody-drug conjugates that are being developed for solid tumors and blood cancers.  The company has bispecific antibodies and cytokine derivatives besides to antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs). STRO-001 of Sutro is in phase 1 for multiple myeloma and lymphoma, while STRO-002 is slated to enter the clinic for ovarian and endometrial cancers by early 2019.

Emergent BioSolutions remunerates Narcan maker in USD 735 Million agreement

Emergent BioSolutions has acquired Adapt Pharma. The deal is of USD 735 million that includes USD 635 million beforehand payment and rest USD100 million is for sales-based milestones through 2022. Narcan, the approved naloxone nasal spray, is Adapt’s chief product that is for the emergency treatment of known or suspected opioid overdose. The agreement also includes pipeline of Adapt that is of opioid overdose treatment and delivery options.